3D Puff Transfers

Our 3D Puff transfers are a unique and fun transfer that can really elevate a design from “good” to “great.”  This is because they offer the same versatility and opacity as our Opaque Hot Peel transfers while having the added benefit of both 3D look and feel.  When printed, our 3D puff transfers have an elevated look with a soft feel that add value to any decorated product.  This is a cool and popular effect that prints well on both light and dark-colored cotton, poly, and cotton/poly blend garments.

Our 3D Puff transfers are meant to be pressed at 375 degrees with medium-to-heavy pressure for 8-10 seconds.  They are also a hot peel, which means that the transfer paper should be peeled from the garment almost immediately after pressing.  When pressed with the correct variable settings, the puffed appearance should be apparent right away.  Our 3D Puff transfers can be pressed again with Kraft paper to ensure they are cured, but we do not recommend it, as additional pressing may affect their raised look and feel.

Our 3D Puff transfers come in over 60 different colors and we do offer PMS color matching as well.  These transfers are great for all kinds of designs, and they provide decoration shops with more fun, unique options for their customers.

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