Glitter Sparkle Transfers

Our Glitter Sparkle transfers are a different and fun option for decoration shops to offer their customers.  While they are similar to our Metallic transfers, the main difference between glitter and metallic transfer ink is that the metallic flakes in the Metallic ink are much finer than those in the Glitter Sparkle ink.  This results in more of a matte finish for Metallic transfers and a gloss finish for Glitter Sparkle transfers.

Our Glitter Sparkle transfers are printed at 375 degrees with medium-to-heavy pressure for 8-10 seconds.  They are cold peel transfers, so you must wait at least 20-30 seconds after pressing before peeling the paper from the garment.  After you press a Glitter Sparkle transfer, you will want to rub the transfer paper with an eraser or other garment for 5-10 seconds before peeling.  This ensures that all the ink separates from the paper.  You will then want to press the design once more with parchment paper to make sure the ink is completely cured.  Discard the parchment paper after just ONE use, otherwise you will likely transfer small specks of ink to your next print.

Our Glitter Sparkle transfers come in over 10 stock colors and can be printed onto both light and dark cotton and cotton/poly blend garments.  Glitter Sparkle transfers offer a different style of printing that is great for cheer and gymnastics teams and more.  Offering our Glitter Sparkle transfers is a great way to expand your product line and increase your appeal to potential customers.

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