Heat Transfer Vinyl

Our Vinyl transfers are cut using a rotary cutter rather than being screen-printed with ink like our other transfers.  This makes it ideal for single-color, low-quantity orders that would be quite expensive if they were screen printed.  It is best that designs for Vinyl transfers to not have too much fine detail, as that is difficult to maintain through weeding.  Weeding is the process of removing excess vinyl from the sheet so that it is not printed along with the design.

Our Vinyl transfers can be pressed onto both light and dark cotton, poly, and cotton/poly blend garments.  Vinyl transfers should be pressed at 375 degrees with medium-to-heavy pressure for 10-12 seconds.  Vinyl transfers should be peeled cold, 20-30 seconds after being pressed.  While the transfer is cooling it should be rubbed with a heat eraser or another garment to ensure that it cures properly.

Our Vinyl transfers have beautiful opacity and a softer than expected feel. For years vinyl was a turn-off for consumers, but improvements in technology have created vinyl that feels remarkably similar to screen-printed designs.  We offer over 40 different colors and 20 different patterns that cover almost any request your customers may have.

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