Low Temperature Transfers

Our Low-Temperature transfers are designed to be pressed onto polyester and other synthetic materials.  Since most synthetic materials struggle to take the high heat required for our Opaque Hot Peel transfers, we developed our Low-Temperature transfers so these garments could still be decorated with a heat press.

Our Low-Temperature transfers have an adhesive powder backing, giving them extra adhesive strength to offset the loss of heat in the pressing process.  However, because they require adhesive powder, these transfers are slightly more expensive.  Our low temp transfers can still be printed on 100% cotton and cotton/poly blend garments in both light and dark colors, but they will have a slightly thicker feel to them.  We offer Low-Temperature transfers in over 60 stock colors in addition to PMS color matching.

As the name suggests, our Low-Temperature transfers can be applied at 280 degrees, almost 100 degrees lower than our Opaque Hot Peel transfers.  Low-Temperature transfers should be pressed with medium-to-heavy pressure for 8-10 seconds and peeled cold.  Cold peel transfers should be peeled 20-30 seconds after being pressed and should be rubbed for 5-10 seconds with a heat eraser or other garment before being peeled.

Our Low-Temperature transfers are perfect for jerseys and other athletic apparel, as they are more often than not made from synthetic materials.  Blended t-shirts are also becoming more and more popular due to their soft feel and low weight.  Our Low-temperature transfers make it possible to decorate these products without having to worry about damaging them.

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