Neon / Fluorescent

Our Neon / Fluorescent transfers are a lot like our Opaque Hot Peel transfers, but the ink is extremely vibrant and like the name implies available in neon and fluorescent colors.  The transfers were designed to be pressed onto 100% cotton, 50/50, and other blend apparel. The ink is opaque and holds its color well on both light and dark garments. To improve opacity when pressing the transfers onto dark color garments a white underbase must be printed, which adds a screen color charge. If the transfer is  being pressed onto a light colored garment a white underbase is not needed and thus a lower print price. The transfers are available in over 12 unique stock colors with some custom color mixing capabilities.

Our Neon / Fluorescent transfers should be applied at 375 degrees with medium-to-heavy pressure for 8-10 seconds.  These are hot peel transfers, so they should be peeled almost immediately after being pressed. While it is not required, you can press them again for 5-10 seconds with Kraft paper to give you peace of mind that the product is completely cured to the garment.  If you are struggling to keep the opacity of the ink with our Neon / Fluorescent transfers, you are likely using too much heat, pressure, or time when pressing them.

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